About Us

EEZ ™ is the timeless appeal of high quality product mixed with simple form. Continuously improvement, with quality always preceding quantity, growing methodically, their valued customers held in the highest regard.

Turn back the clock,Friendship, ink, computer, sewing machine and good music for sure. Those are the reasons why we started all these in 2015, and why we call ourselves EEZ. Also thanks to Kasabian. 

Learn to walk, run, and now fly. Starts from a single product and expanded into another, we carry on and continue on.

Design. People, friends and ourselves. Backgrounds, surroundings, experience, people, what we see, feel, hear, and touch. Everything that interest us become sour inspiration in our designing processes. 

FabricWe use almost all kinds and different types of finest materials available. From Cotton, Viscose, Denim, Polyester, Nylon, Rubber, Leather etc. 

Sewing. All of our manufacturing process and labor working activities utilize local resources. 

Made by Indonesia’s finest. All of the EEZ product that you purchased has been through several series of intensively manufacturing process in order to achieve a very high standard and a specific distinguish characters responsible to provide and fulfill your need of comfort.

Our priority concerns to deliver quality, and we meant by make you look and feel great, Because we knew exactly that just being good is not enough. 

 Thank you for your appreciation and for using our product.